1. What is Prokarimi?

Prokarimi is a health-tech company based in Oslo, Norway, specializing in at-home microbiota testing. We provide kits for you to easily collect a sample at home, which we then analyze in our lab to give you detailed insights into your gut health.

2. How does the microbiota test work?

You'll receive a Microbiota Collection Kit with instructions to collect a small stool sample. Once you send it back to us, our lab analyzes it to identify the bacterial content in your gut. We then provide a detailed report through our website with actions to take in order to improve your gut health.

3. Is the test difficult to do?

Not at all! We've designed our Microbiota Collection Kits to be user-friendly with clear instructions. Collecting a sample is a simple process that can be done at home with minimal inconvenience.

4. How long does it take to get my results?

The average timeline between buying the collection kit and receiving results is 30 days. After we receive your sample back, it typically takes 12 days to complete the analysis. We'll notify you via SMS as soon as your results are ready to be viewed on our website. In case you have decided to create an anonymous account, we advise you to check our website everyday from the moment you see we have received your Microbiota Collection Kit back. You will have access to tracking links in the “Results” page.

5. Will my test results be inaccurate if I am sick or taking antibiotics?

Antibiotics have a notable impact on your gut microbiota, altering its composition. This change can last for varying periods, depending on the antibiotic type and the length of treatment. Therefore, we advise not to take the Prokarimi test during or immediately after antibiotic use. For the most accurate results, it's best to wait at least 3 months post-antibiotic treatment. If you're considering starting probiotics, testing your microbiome before and after can be insightful to see their effect.
However, if you have a common cold and are not on antibiotics, your test results should accurately reflect your gut microbiota's current state.

6. Is my personal information secure?

Absolutely. We adhere to strict data privacy regulations to ensure your information and test results are confidential and secure.

7. Can Prokarimi's test diagnose health conditions?

Our test provides insights into your gut microbiota, which can be a vital part of your overall health. However, it's not designed to diagnose specific health conditions. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for diagnoses.

8. How often should I take the test?

It depends on your health goals, but in order to follow improvements the test should be taken every 3 months.

9. Do you offer any follow-up consultation?

Yes, we provide general advice based on your test results and you have the opportunity to talk to a nutritionist at Kostholdsendring. For more detailed consultation, we recommend discussing your results with a healthcare professional.

10. How can I order a Microbiota Collection Kit?

You can order directly from our website. We'll ship the kit to your address with all the necessary instructions.

11. Can I use Prokarimi if I'm outside Norway?

Currently, our services are available in Norway. We're working towards expanding our reach, so stay tuned for updates!

12. How can I contact Prokarimi for more questions?

Feel free to call us at +4723969198 or email us at support@prokarimi.no. We're here to help!

13. Are Prokarimi's tests suitable for children?

Prokarimi's microbiota tests are designed primarily for individuals aged 18 to 70. This specific age range is chosen because gut microbiota composition is known to vary significantly in those younger than 18 and older than 70.

For minors (below 18), it's important to understand that their gut microbiota is still developing and can be different from that of adults. Therefore, any deviations in test results might not necessarily point to a health concern, as they are still in the developmental phase of their gut health.

For seniors, particularly those above 70, gut microbiota also changes. Variations in test results for this age group should be interpreted with an understanding of these age-related differences.

That said, minors can take the test if they choose to, but it should be an informed decision made alongside their guardians, who should be aware of the limitations and unique aspects of microbiota in younger individuals. It's also advisable to discuss the results with a healthcare professional, particularly for interpretations related to health concerns in children.

14. Can I use the test if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, our tests are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Understanding your gut health during these periods can be beneficial, but we advise discussing your results with a healthcare professional.

15. How do I prepare for the test?

There's no special preparation required. Just follow the instructions provided with the kit for accurate sample collection.

16. Can dietary changes affect my test results?

Yes, diet plays a significant role in shaping your gut microbiota. It's interesting to note how dietary changes impact your gut health over time, which can be observed through repeated testing.

17. How does Prokarimi ensure the accuracy of test results?

We use state-of-the-art technology and methods validated by scientific research to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our test results.

18. Can I share my test results with my doctor?

Yes, we encourage you to share your results with your healthcare provider to integrate them into your overall health assessment and planning.

19. How can I provide feedback on my experience?

We value customer feedback! You can provide by sending us an email at support@prokarimi.no