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Terms of Business


At Prokarimi, we value the customer's trust in our microbiota analysis services, and our Terms of Business are designed to ensure a seamless and effective experience.

These terms govern the sale, use, and related aspects of our Microbiota Collection Kits. By purchasing and using our Microbiota Collection Kit and related services, the customer agrees to adhere to these terms, allowing them to benefit from our advanced microbiota analysis.

Our services, currently available only within Norway, include the purchase of the Microbiota Collection Kit, analysis of the sample, and delivery of results via our secure website. The Microbiota Test is best suited for people between 18 and 65 years old.

Each kit includes detailed instructions to help collect the stool sample accurately. It is crucial to follow these instructions to ensure the quality of the sample, as this directly affects the reliability of the results. Once the sample is collected, it should be returned quickly in the provided packaging with the return label. The results will be ready within 12 working days, accessible through a secure login on our website.

We maintain strict confidentiality of the customer's results, and they are encouraged to contact our customer support team if they have any questions or need clarification. Our results should complement professional medical advice rather than replace it.

Payment for our services is processed securely through Stripe, and the cost includes the Microbiota Collection Kit, analysis, shipping, and access to the results, with applicable taxes calculated at checkout.

Throughout the process, the customer will be informed via email and/or SMS notifications about the status of the order and results. Additionally, the customer can request to disable or delete the account, understanding that the data will be irreversibly removed after 30 days.

By agreeing to these Terms of Business, the customer allows us to provide them with the best possible microbiota analysis service, ensuring high standards of quality and compliance.

1. Introduction

Welcome to Prokarimi, your trusted partner in microbiota analysis. Our Terms of Business are designed to establish a clear and mutually beneficial relationship between Prokarimi and our customers. Prokarimi governs the sale, use, and associated aspects of the Microbiota Collection Kits provided by Prokarimi. By purchasing and using our Microbiota Test, the customer gain access to advanced Microbiota analysis and agree to adhere to these Terms. Our aim is to ensure a seamless and effective experience for the customers, while upholding the highest standards of quality and compliance in our services.

2. Definitions

  • Prokarimi: Refers to the company providing the Microbiota Collection Kits and related services, as outlined in these Terms of Business.

  • Consumer: Any individual, company, or entity that purchases or uses the Microbiota Collection Kit and related services provided by Prokarimi. This includes the end-user of the Microbiota Collection Kit as well as the purchaser, if different.

  • Microbiota Collection Kit: A packaged set of materials provided by Prokarimi, designed for the collection of stool samples.

  • Sample: Biological material collected by the Consumer using the Microbiota Collection Kit. This sample is sent back to Prokarimi for analysis.

  • Results: The analysis provided by Prokarimi based on the Sample received. Results are made available to the Consumer through Prokarimi’s website.

  • Order: The action taken by a Consumer to purchase a Microbiota Collection Kit from Prokarimi, which includes an online transaction process involving delivery detail provision and payment.

  • Service(s): The entire process and offerings provided by Prokarimi, encompassing the provision of the Microbiota Test Kit, analysis of the Sample, delivery of Results, customer support, and any other related services.

  • Website: The online platform operated by Prokarimi where Consumers can purchase Microbiota Collection Kits, access Results, and obtain information about Prokarimi’s services.

3. Services Provided

Services Provided

  • Microbiota Testing Services: Prokarimi specializes in providing advanced microbiota analysis through our Microbiota Test. Our services include the provision of a Microbiota Collection Kit for sample collection, analysis of the sample in our laboratory, and the provision of Results to the Consumer.

  • Microbiota Collection Kit Provision: Each Microbiota Test includes all necessary materials and detailed instructions for the Consumer to collect a stool sample.

  • Sample Analysis: Once the sample is received, our team of expert analysts will process and examine the sample to assess the microbiota composition.

  • Result Delivery: Results of the analysis will be made available to the Consumer through a secure login on Prokarimi’s website. The Results will include comprehensive data about the microbiota composition and, where applicable, insights based on the analysis.

Limitations and Exclusions:

  • Geographical Availability: Our services are currently available exclusively within Norway. The customer must have a Norwegian address to purchase and receive our Microbiota Collection Kit. At present, we can only accept orders and dispatch Microbiota Collection Kits to locations within Norway.

  • Sample Quality: The accuracy and reliability of the Results are highly dependent on the quality of the sample provided by the Consumer. Samples that are not collected or transported according to our instructions may yield inaccurate or inconclusive Results. In case of unusable sample, Prokarimi will send a new Microbiota Collection Kit free of charge.

  • Sample unusability:
    • ID Tag Requirement: Each sample submitted must be accompanied by the unique ID tag to ensure that results are accurately attributed to the corresponding customer. Failure to attach an ID tag will render the sample unusable.

    • Sample Volume: The customer is responsible for transferring the fecal sample into the buffer as per the instructions provided. An excess amount of fecal sample may result in a failure to pipette the sample, an incorrect dilution ratio, and consequently, the inability to conduct an analysis. Such samples will be deemed unusable.

    • Inhibitors in Sample: Although the presence of inhibitors in a sample is beyond the customer's control, it may cause the sample to fail our stringent quality control measures. Such samples will be deemed unusable.

  • Scope of analysis:

    • Intended Age Range: This test is optimally tailored for individuals aged between 18 and 70 years. The reason for this specific age range is that the gut microbiota composition varies significantly outside of these ages.

    • Teens and Younger Individuals: In those below 18, the gut bacteria composition is still developing and differs from adults. As a result, deviations from the typical adult patterns in this age group may not necessarily indicate a health concern.

    • Seniors (Above 65): Similarly, individuals over 65 have different gut microbiota characteristics. Variations in results for this age group should be interpreted with this in mind.

    • Informed Decision for Minors: Individuals under 18 years may still choose to take the test. However, it is essential that they, along with their guardians, are aware of the limitations and the distinctive nature of microbiota in younger individuals.

  • Result Interpretation: While we strive to provide clear and useful information, the interpretation of microbiota analysis results is complex and should be done in consultation with qualified health professionals.

  • Use of Services: Our services are intended for personal and non-commercial use. Prokarimi prohibits the use of its Microbiota Collection Kit and Results for commercial purposes unless expressly agreed to in writing by Prokarimi.

4. Subscription Services

  • Subscription: The Prokarimi subscription will continue until terminated. To use the Prokarimi service, the customer must have Internet access and a device to provide Prokarimi with one or more Payment Methods. Unless the customer cancels their membership before the billing date, they authorize Prokarimi to charge the subscription fee using their payment method for the next billing cycle (see "Cancellation" below).

  • Subscription Fee: The subscription fee for the Prokarimi service is 99 NOK per month. This fee grants access to the Prokarimi services, including advanced features and monthly promotional codes for a discount on the Microbiota Test, which consists of the Collection Kit and analysis of the customer's sample.

    • Discount Code: Subscribers to the Prokarimi service will receive a progressive discount on our product: 10% off in the first month, 20% off in the second month, 30% off in the third month, 40% off in the fourth month, and 50% off in the fifth month and for all subsequent months. Discount coupons will be provided once a month and will be valid for one month. If the subscription is stopped and then restarted, the discount progression will reset to the initial 10% off in the first month.

  • Payment Processing: Stripe manages all Prokarimi subscriptions. The customer can only initiate one subscription at a time.

  • Billing Cycle: The subscription fee will be charged to the customer's Payment Method once a month on the specific payment date indicated on their "Settings" page.

  • Payment Methods: To use the Prokarimi service, the customer must provide one or more Payment Methods. They authorize Prokarimi to charge any Payment Method associated with their account in case their primary Payment Method is declined or no longer available for payment of the subscription fee. The customer remains responsible for any uncollected amounts. Suppose a payment is not successfully settled due to expiration or insufficient funds, and the customer does not cancel their account, in which case, Prokarimi may suspend access to the service until a valid Payment Method is successfully charged.

  • Updating Payment Methods: Customers can update their Payment Methods by going to the "Settings" page.

  • Cancellation: The customer can cancel their Prokarimi subscription at any time and will continue to have access to the Prokarimi service through the end of their billing period. Payments are non-refundable, and Prokarimi does not provide refunds or credits for any partial subscription periods or unused Prokarimi content. To cancel, the customer must go to the "Settings" page and follow the instructions for cancellation. If the customer cancels their subscription, their account will automatically revert to the free version of Prokarimi services at the end of the current billing period. The free version will not include the additional features provided by the subscription.

  • Changes to Subscription Plans and Pricing: Prokarimi may change subscription plans and the price of the service from time to time. Prokarimi will notify the customer at least one month before any price changes or changes to the subscription plan become effective. If the customer does not wish to accept the price change or change to their subscription plan, they can cancel their subscription before the change takes effect.

5. AI Chat Service Use

  • Purpose of AI Chat: Prokarimi provides an AI chat service to assist customers in discussing their microbiota test results. This service is designed to enhance the customer's understanding of their microbiota analysis results by offering insights and information relevant to their individual data.

  • Consent to Data Handling: By using the AI chat service, the customer consents to the handling of their results data by Prokarimi. All data will be treated in compliance with our privacy policy. Importantly, the AI chat (OpenAI) does not use the customer's private test information for training purposes, thereby safeguarding the customer's data privacy and security. However, chat logs are kept for 30 days in the Prokarimi system and may be used to improve our services. Customers should not submit any personally identifiable information in the chat.

  • Usage Restrictions: The AI chat is intended solely for discussion purposes and should not be used to make health decisions without professional advice. Customers are advised to consult with qualified health professionals for detailed inquiries or concerns that require professional interpretation. The AI chat provides informational support and should not replace professional medical consultation.

  • Service Limitations: The AI chat service is exclusively available to customers with an active subscription membership. Users must not use the AI chat for any purpose other than as explicitly intended. Misuse of the AI chat service, including but not limited to providing false information, attempting to gain unauthorized access, or using the service for malicious activities, may result in limitations or suspension of access.

6. Order Process

Placing an Order

  • Selection of Microbiota Collection Kit: Consumers can purchase the Microbiota Collection Kit on Prokarimi’s website. Each Microbiota Collection Kit comes with a detailed description to help consumers understand what is included and how to correctly collect the sample.

  • Single Microbiota Collection Kit Per Account: Users are allowed to order only one Microbiota Collection Kit at a time, and each Microbiota Collection Kit is intended for personal use. It is not permissible to order multiple Microbiota Collection kits on a single account for multiple users, such as family members. Every Microbiota Collection kit ordered on an account is linked to that specific account. If multiple family members require Microbiota Collection Kits, each member must have their own individual account and order Microbiota Collection kits separately.

  • Providing Details: During the order process, consumers will be required to provide necessary details such as their name, shipping address, and contact information to ensure proper delivery and communication.

  • Review and Confirmation: Before finalizing the order, consumers must review their selection and provided details. Any errors or changes must be corrected at this stage.

7. Notification Policy

By providing Prokarimi with your email address and/or phone number, the customer expressly consent to receive notifications related to their order, test results, and other essential service-related information. In addition to these communications, with the customer's consent, we may also send promotional emails and messages, reminders for test repetition special offers, and other marketing content related to Prokarimi services.

  • Updates and status of the orders: Throughout the process from order creation to the completion of the analysis, customers will receive timely notifications via email and/or SMS. These notifications will provide updates on the status of their order, including but not limited to the following stages:

    • Order Created: Upon successful placement of an order, customers will receive confirmation via email and/or SMS, acknowledging the creation of their order.

    • Prokarimi Microbiota Collection Kit Sent: Once the Prokarimi Microbiota Collection Kit has been dispatched for delivery, customers will receive a notification confirming that their Microbiota Collection Kit is on its way.

    • Sample Received: Upon receipt of the customer's sample at our facility, a notification will be sent to confirm the successful delivery of the sample.

    • Results Processed: After the analysis of the sample and the generation of results, customers will receive notification that their results are ready for viewing.

    • Feedback Request: A few days after the customers results have been made available, Prokarimi will send a message inviting the customer to provide feedback on their experience. This survey helps us improve and ensure the highest quality of service.

  • Dual Notification Channels: If the customer choose to register both thier email address and phone number with us, they will receive notifications through both channels. This ensures that the customer stay well-informed through their preferred methods of communication.

8. Pricing and Payment

  • Payment Process: Payment for the Microbiota Collection Kit and related services must be made at the time of ordering. As a primary method, we accept payments through Stripe, a widely trusted online payment system. Through Stripe the customer will be able to use their VISA, Mastercard, American Express and more. For more information go to: Supported card brands | Stripe Documentation

  • Secure Transactions: All payment transactions are encrypted and processed through secure gateways to ensure the safety and privacy of consumer financial information.

  • Order Acceptance: The order is considered accepted by Prokarimi when a confirmation email is sent to the consumer, indicating that the Microbiota Collection Kit is being prepared for dispatch. This confirmation will include tracking information, if available.

Pricing of Tests

  • Microbiota Collection Kit Prices: The price for the Microbiota Test will be available once the customer connects to Stripe. Prices are subject to change, but changes will not affect orders for which an order confirmation has already been sent.

  • Inclusions and Exclusions: Prices include the cost of the Microbiota Test, analysis, shipping and access to the Results.

Details on taxes, if applicable.

  • Taxes: The prices for Microbiota Collection Kits may be subject to applicable local taxes, including VAT or sales tax, depending on the consumer’s location. Any applicable taxes will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

  • Invoice and Receipt: Upon successful payment, Stripe will provide the Prokarimi consumer with an invoice or receipt, which will include a breakdown of the total cost, including any taxes or additional charges paid.

9. Consumer Obligations

Provision of Samples

  • Sample Collection: Consumers are responsible for collecting their samples in accordance with the instructions provided with the Microbiota Collection Kit. It is crucial to follow these instructions carefully to ensure the accuracy of test results.

  • Sample Quality: The consumer must ensure that the sample is collected and stored as per the guidelines provided. Factors such as timing, hygiene, and correct use of the collection tools can significantly impact the quality of the sample.

  • Prompt Return: Once collected, the sample should be returned to Prokarimi as soon as possible using the provided packaging and return label. Delays in returning the sample may affect its quality and consequently, the accuracy of the results.

Compliance with Instructions and Guidelines

  • Use of Microbiota Collection Kits: The Microbiota Collection Kit provided by Prokarimi are for personal, non-commercial use only. Consumers must not use the Microbiota Collection Kits for any purpose other than as directed in the instructions.

Responsibility for Compliance:

  • Notification of Issues: If consumers encounter any issues or uncertainties regarding the collection or handling of the sample, they are encouraged to contact Prokarimi for assistance as soon as possible.

10. Delivery of Results

Processing Timeframes

  • Test Analysis Duration: Once we receive the customer's sample, the typical timeframe for processing and analyzing it in our laboratory is 12 working days. This period may vary depending on the volume of samples being processed and other operational factors.

  • Notification: Upon receiving the sample, Prokarimi will send a text message to notify the customer that their sample is being processed.

  • Updates on Status: Consumers will be notified via text message if there are any significant updates or changes in the processing timeframe.

Format and Method of Result Delivery

  • Result Format: Results will be provided in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand digital format. This format will include a detailed analysis of the microbiota composition and, where applicable, interpretive insights based on the analysis.

  • Accessing Results: The results of the analysis will be made available to the consumer through a secure customer login on Prokarimi’s website. Consumers will receive a text message once their results are ready to be viewed.

  • Confidentiality: All results are treated with strict confidentiality and are only accessible to the individual consumer who submitted the sample, unless consent is given for sharing with healthcare professionals or other authorized individuals.

Result Clarification and Support

  • Understanding the Results: If consumers have questions or require clarification regarding their results, they are encouraged to contact Prokarimi's customer support team for assistance.

  • Limitation of Interpretation: Consumers are advised that the interpretation of microbiota analysis should be considered in conjunction with other medical or health advice. Prokarimi’s results are not intended to replace professional medical advice.

For important information on returns and exchanges, click here to read our Return Policy.

9. Disabling or Deleting User Accounts:

  • Disabling or Deleting User Accounts:

    Users have the right to request the disabling or deletion of their user accounts. If a user chooses to delete their account, please note that there is no way to recover the user data after 30 days from the deletion date. Additionally, backups of user data are retained for a period of 30 days. By requesting the deletion of their account, users acknowledge and accept that their data will be irreversibly removed from our system after the specified duration.

Changes to Terms of Business Disclaimer

Please note that Prokarimi reserves the right to change, modify, or amend these Terms of Business at any time and in any manner. We are committed to ensuring our services remain up-to-date and relevant to the needs of our customers and the evolving business environment.

Should there be any changes to our Terms of Business, we will take appropriate measures to inform our customers. This may include direct communication, such as email notifications, or updates posted prominently on our website. If the customer does not agree with the new Terms & Conditions they have to send an email to support@prokarimi.no.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact us at support@prokarimi.no