Prokarimi Microbiota Collection Kit is Now Available to Order for Everyone Living in Norway!


We are very excited to take you on your gut health journey and provide you with reliable Microbiota (The human gut microbiota refers to the trillions of microbes, such as bacteria, that live in the human gut. The microbiome is the environment they live in.) results and recommendations to keep you healthy and energized.

What is Prokarimi?

Welcome to Prokarimi, your starting point for better gut health. Based in Oslo, Norway, we were founded in November 2023 and opened our doors in March 2024 with a mission: to transform personal healthcare with advanced microbiota testing.

Here at Prokarimi, we're all about giving you the knowledge and tools to grasp your gut health. We're firm believers that a healthy gut equals overall wellness, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

How does Prokarimi work?

At Prokarimi, we specialize in user-friendly fecal Microbiota Collection Kits you can use at home. Our process is simple: you get the Microbiota Collection Kit, collect your sample, and send it back. Then, our expert team dives in, analyzing your gut's microbiota to give you detailed insights. But we don't stop there - we also provide advice on how to boost your gut health based on your results.

With modern biotechnology, Prokarimi offers one of the most advanced gut microbiota analysis services out there. Our innovative approach guarantees accurate, science-backed results, giving you a clear view of your personal microbiota health.

Who are Our Partners?

Our collaboration with Genetic Analysis (GA) is pivotal to our commitment. GA is a renowned player in microbiome genetic testing, ensuring that our Microbiota Collection Kits and analysis processes meet the highest standards of clinical validation and accuracy.

Our testing methodology revolves around a pre-targeted approach, focusing on core commensal bacteria - the beneficial microorganisms present in human guts. These bacteria are vital for maintaining health, making their analysis crucial for understanding your gut microbiome comprehensively.

Each Prokarimi Microbiota Collection Kit undergoes clinically validated protocols from GA. This validation guarantees accuracy and reliability.

We use GA's Xmap technology, a cornerstone of our partnership. This advanced technology ensures precise and thorough microbiota analysis, delivering insights crucial for understanding your gut health.

Our commitment to quality is evident through CE marking and ISO 13485 compliance. CE marking signifies conformity with European health, safety, and environmental standards, while ISO 13485 ensures the highest quality in manufacturing and handling of our Microbiota Collection Kits.

Order your Prokarimi Microbiota Collection Kit!

Don't wait longer. Order your Prokarimi kit for a price of 1998 NOK and start improving your overall gut health today.


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